South West Data Networks Ltd


From a single user up to 75, we can supply, install and maintain your computer network, making sure you can keep on working at your business without the headaches of sorting out faulty or misbehaving IT equipment and without the cost of full time in house IT staff.

Equipment Supply

Whilst we don't have a shop and don't generally hold much stock, we can source and dellpartnersupply all of your IT and equipment needs, normally with next day delivery. We have a good range of trade suppliers with whom we get very good rates so are able to provide equipment at competitive prices.

In addition we are often able to find discontinued items that may be required tohplogo  maintain legacy equipment that you can't or don't want to replace at the time.

We are partners with several major manufacturers such as Dell and HP from whom we source the majority of the PC's, Servers and Laptops that we supply. We get preferential rates on their business products so can provide you with good discounts on their website prices.

Our AVG Gold Partner status allows us once againavggold to provide preferential rates on all their business security products, so contact us for a quote once you have the website price and we will see how much we can improve it for you. There are especially good discounts on longer contracts of up to 5 years.

We are of course a Microsoft Partner and aremssbslogo able to supply any of their products, hardware as well as software, at competitive rates. As Microsoft Small Business Specialists we are able to supply and support the relevant products for all your business requirements.

Installation Services

Whether its a printer, PC, server or a complete network system including cabling, we provide a full installation and commissioning service, getting you up and running straight away.

One of the most common situations we find is having to upgrade an old network, be it pier to pier or server based, and bring it up to date so that it works with modern programs, increases the network speed and adds additional network services that the old system didn't have. The typical networks we mostly work on are 5 - 30 workstations connected to a server with a cabled/ wireless network infrastructure. We have carried out numerous upgrades/ migrations from Windows Server 2000 to the latest Server 2016 server operating system, working over the weekend to minimise downtime or on smaller networks during the working week with the minimum of downtime.

The installation services we provide include:

  • Cabling - Cat 5/6/7 and fibre. Providing computer to cabinet cabling, installing the cabinet, patch panels, network switches and routers
  • Wireless Infrastructure - From a single wifi router for your office, through to hotels, residential homes and holiday parks, we can provide a secure wireless network for staff and or guests with signup and automated online pay per use systems if required.
  • PC's and Peripherals - We can install and set up PC's / Mac's / Printers / Scanners / Copiers / Cameras etc. including transferring your old data to the new equipment.
  • Network Attached Storage - A cheaper alternative to a server based system is a NAS device, which provides you with the same file sharing of a server without all the bells and whistles of a server based system.
  • Network Servers - Our speciality is Microsoft's Small Business Server which in addition to the standard file sharing includes, Exchange Server (a business grade email, contacts and calendar system), SharePoint (an Intranet system for sharing documents, calendars, photo's etc on a web based system which can be accessed and amended as you like by team members), along with excellent remote access capabilites making working from home a serious option, giving your life more flexibility.
  • Site to Site VPN - If you have remote offices we can link them together with a secure site to site VPN allowing centralised database and file access over a secure encrypted link using your broadband connection.

For any of these installation services we will first come along and discuss the options and how we can reduce the impact/ disruption to your business. We will provide a free quotation and set out our recommendations as to the best way forward to make the installation go as smoothly as possible.


With computers holding such a key role in all our business's today it's a real headache if something goes wrong. Our support will get you up and running in no time. We can offer support to suit your business from standard pay as you use support through to support contracts with guaranteed response times.

  • Standard support has no regular fee's it's just a case of call us when you need us and we will charge our standard hourly fee without any first hour/ callout higher rates. We do charge by the hour for callouts and by 15 minute intervals for remote and telephone support. We don't charge for discussing any issues on the phone but only if any advice we give leads to the fault/ issue being resolved.
  • Telephone and remote support contract has an annual charge and gives you unlimited telephone and remote support Monday to Saturday between 08.00 and 18.00. Any site visits needed will be charged as standard support, as will telephone/ remote support required outside these hours unless by arrangement.
  • Remote server support contract is designed to provide support for just the server itself. Many businesses already have technically minded staff who are able to provide day to day support for problems that crop up on the office PC's but they usually aren't experienced in dealing with servers and it is not usually advisable to let them tinker with the machine that holds all your business data. This contract provides professional support that includes adding and removing users and email accounts when you need, monitoring the server, running regular updates and sorting out any problems that crop up on it. It is a remote contract so does not include any onsite support that may be required from time to time.
  • Full support contract provides all telephone/ remote and onsite support for a one off monthly fee. This fee can be payed monthly, quarterly or annually to suit and will be based upon the number of servers, workstations, laptops and sites that will be covered. We can customise this to suit your requirements with regard to hours of support and guaranteed response times.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. Whatever they may be we can provide a first class support service for you and your business.

Computer and DesignJet Repairs

We provide the full range of computer, laptop and HP DesignJet plotter repairs. Anything from replacing a faulty hard disk/ PSU, broken laptop screen to the drive belt on your plotter.

  • PC Repairs can be anthing from a crashing computer to one that just wont even start. Most of the time, unless its a very old computer, its more cost effective and much more convenient to repair it rather than replace. The most common faults are from the hard disk or the power supply which tend to fail first.
  • Hard disks will often fail gradually or at least give some warning signs before they completely stop working and if you catch it quickly enough they can often be easily and cheaply cloned onto a new disk so the PC carries on without losing any installed programs or data. Signs of a failing drive can include random reboots of the system, system error messages when saving or opening files and the spinning circle going on for much longer than is normal when saving or opening files. Even if you leave it too long and the system becomes unbootable, data can often be recovered although this tends to get expensive. My advice - make sure you regularly backup.
  • Power supplies will often go out with a bang and the smell of burning, although this isn't always the case. The obvious signs are that there is no response from the PC itself and no lights on the PC box. However always check the fuse in the plug first or use a different plug cable as this can have the same effect. Power supplies are quick and easy to replace and even a good one won't cost you the earth.
  • Software faults and viruses can be problematic and time consuming to repair so it has to weighed up against the pain of restoring your programs and settings from scratch. It's often quicker and easier to wipe and reinstall than to fix a virus infection. However viruses can be removed and faults can be fixed if necessary. We generally suggest that we take the PC to our office for the repair as most of the repair time is waiting for scans to complete, which can take a long time, whilst we can get on with other work and not charge you for watching a bar crawl slowly across the screen. We offer fixed price repairs on virus removal when we can take the PC from your site. Software faults are most often either a conflict with the operating system, an addon for the program or the need for an update. Most software is updated by its author to iron out bugs and improve performance, so the first port of call should be their website to download and install any updates or service packs available. If this doesn't solve the problem then we would be happy to help diagnose the fault.
  • Laptop repairs can have other problems in addition to the PC repairs above. The most common are cracked or unreadable screens which we can repair for you. Cracked or damaged screens can be replaced with new panels and unreadable or faint screens often just need the replacement of a cheap cable or inverter. other issues are faulty power supplies which we can replace and damaged or coffee spilt keyboards which again in most cases can be replaced with new.
  • Designjet plotter repairs that we have carried out include the replacement of drive belts, control panels, switches, sensors and trailing cables. For most faults the machine will display an error code. Contact us with that code and we can find out what the fault is and give you a price for repair.