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Setting up iPhone/ iPad for Exchange email

This is a fairly simple exercise but you need to have the right information available to get it to work. The main things you will need which you may not have to hand are your internal network domain name and the external address of your Exchange server. This information can be obtained from the person who maintains or administers your server, hopefully us!! or you may be able to obtain it from a computer on your network. See the relevant guide for instructions on how to obtain that information. These instructions are meant for networks based on Windows Small Business Server 2011 but may be relevant to other Windows server based systems.

It is best to do this with a wifi connection on your phone that is outside the office, so you may want to do this at home, but make sure you have all the information you will need bgefore you leave the office. Be aware that nothing except the password is case sensitive.

  1. 1. Go to settings àMail, Contacts and CalendarsIMG 0765
  2. Click Add Account…IMG 0766
  3. Click Microsoft ExchangeIMG 0767
  4. Enter your email address and your password (this is the same as your computer login password). Description can be whatever you like.IMG 0768
  5. Click Next and if you get a certificate warning click ContinueIMG 0769
  6. After a minute it will ask you some additional information; Server will be ; Domain will be internaldomain ; user name will be the one you log into the network with, so presumably Yourname - TIP: Sometimes leaving the Domain field blank will sort out "Unable to verify account information" problems IMG 0770
  7. Click Next and click continue when you get the certificate warningIMG 0769
  8. It should now authenticate and ask you what you want to sync with the server. Make your choices and if you already have a calendar or contacts set up it will ask you if you want to save the existing. Click Yes. Then finish.IMG 0771
  9. It may take a while for the email to sync fully. If you get an error saying "Unable to verify account information" then go back and check your spelling and re-enter the password and try again. If it continues to fail you will need to check that you are properly connected to the Internet using wifi (a good 3G signal may work, but it can be hit and miss for the initial connection) that is outside of the network that includes the Exchange server.IMG 0772