Obtaining your Internal domain name and external server address

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Obtaining your Internal domain name

To obtain your Internal domain name to go into the domain field in step 6 above go through the following proceedure:

  1. On your PC right click on Computer (Windows XP its called My Computer) which can be found under the Start Menu or on the Desktop and click on Properties.
  2. Click on the Advanced System Settings link on the left hand side of the window that opens
  3. Click on the Computer Name tab and the full computer name will be something like ThisPC.mydomain.local
  4. The mydomain bit just before the .local is the Internal domain name that you need to input into step 6 above.

Obtaining your external server address

Your external server address may be a little harder to obtain, but you may have already been given it, for example if you have been given your webmail address or remote access address for the server in the form of https://remote.mydomain.com/owa or alternatively for remote access it would be something like https://remote.mydomain.com/remote. The Server address you need for step 6 in this case is remote.mydomain.com without any slashes or wording around it.

A second way to find it is to search your Outlook for "Welcome to Windows Small Business Server". This will hopefully (if you haven't deleted it) bring up the email that the system sent you when your account was created. Once you find  that email, if you hover over the links on the right it will show you the address https://remote.mydomain.com/webhelp/webhelp.html so you can extract the remote.mydomain.com from that to use in step 6 above.

In the event you don't have this information to hand you would need to contact your network admin to obtain the information.